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my airplanes

  1. rv panel while being built on my shop
  2. Johnson creek
  3. landing on the sod at felts field
  4. felts field taken from the kitfox
  5. kitfox in front of my hangar
  6. landing rwy4r felts field. the whiter spot on the left of the runway just after the taxiway about mid way is the grass runway. it run all the way to...
  7. sunset in the fox
  8. my shop it right in the middle of the pic north east of the big road. taken from the kitfox
  9. running through the cascades west of Wenatchee on the way to Arlington.
  10. kitfox at minam
  11. airfield at minam
  12. fun in the snow
  13. taxi out for takeoff
  14. in the hangar
  15. my panel, very basic.
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