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Default New Lycoming IO-233-LSA

I had to swing by the local Piper dealer today to pick up some Mobilgrease28 for my prop and while there I grabbed a one page pamphlet on the new Lycoming LSA engine. Here is a link to the website news post about it:

This engine looks like it could be a great option for the larger Foxes (Series 5 and up). It is rated up to 116 hp at 2800 rpm and weighs in at 200 - 210 lbs dry according to the pamphlet I have. TBO is listed as 2400 hrs. It is still quite a bit heavier than the Rotax but much lighter then the IO-240 some guys are using and a little lighter then the O-200. I don't know what the price is going to be but it can't be much more than a new 912S. Thought some might be interested.
Darin Hawkes
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Default Re: New Lycoming IO-233-LSA

I would like to have a 233, 234 or O200, however I can't afford those options. I do happen to have access to an O290 for a reasonable price. It is sitting in my garage. It is a converted GPU. It was converted years ago by a local FBO, with a good reputation to an O290D. I do have concerns about the weight and moment arm. Can anyone give me some information or the name of someone I can contact for information as to engine mount, position, firewall and cowling. I have discerned that the Kitfox cowl for the O235 should work since the O290 and O235 are rumored to be close to identical in physical size. I have contacted "Kitfox" and was told their 235 mount is dynafocal. My O290 is conical so even if the mount holes were the same distance apart they would not line up. It would be great if I could speak with someone who has one flying or had one that they flew.
Thank You. Dave

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Default Re: New Lycoming IO-233-LSA

It'll be right around $20k, but when can you actually buy one? They haven't announced a ship date yet, and when they do would you believe it? Their track record is not good in this regard.
Randy Lervold Admin Emeritus
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