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Thread: Wire routing and fuselage standoff

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    Default Re: Wire routing and fuselage standoff

    Yes. But I would cut the tails of the cable ties as close as you can to the ratchet head. Those corners can do damage to your forearms when reaching for something else.
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    Default Re: Wire routing and fuselage standoff

    You can do a similar thing by using 2 cable ties, one becomes the stand-off.

    Like Ralph said . . . do yourself a favor and cutoff the tails. I have made cutoff tool with some cheap HF diagonal cutters. You can do this by grinding off the back side of the cutter until it is flush, like a razor edge.
    Phil Nelson
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    Default Re: Wire routing and fuselage standoff

    Yeh, from where you stand now, with the long "toe nails" on your wire ties, you can just use the large toe nail clippers that look like side cutters. I concur with the "little knives everyplace" analogy as you have now.
    Eddie Forward
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