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Thread: Zipper conversion Rotax 914

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    Default Zipper conversion Rotax 914

    Hi! Is anyone running the Zipper big-bore conversion on a Rotax 914? It brings the bore out to that of a 912 ULS and is claimed to make 130 HP.

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    Default Re: Zipper conversion Rotax 914

    Have you talked to Hal? Or maybe Jay is still acting as a salesman for him. I would think that would be your best source.

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    Default Re: Zipper conversion Rotax 914

    I would like to know as well. I talked to Ronnie at SMLA about it awhile back when they put a slipper clutch in my 914, and he said it would require welding the crank, which makes it pretty expensive (8k total I think). I see that some others (Edge) say the crank is ok to 135hp, but since Ronnie knows his stuff i don't know if i'm brave enough to try it.

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    Default Re: Zipper conversion Rotax 914

    What about a Zipper to 912is?

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    Default Re: Zipper conversion Rotax 914

    Edge says the crank is good to 120HP, so you should double check that info. Maybe it depends on the engine too. I would also upgrade the cam if you were to do this.

    I'm in a similar boat. I want to change the cam, do the through bolt mod, and bolt on bigger jugs. However, my prop is limited to 120hp so I'm a little on the fence.
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