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Thread: Kitfox IV 1200

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    Default Kitfox IV 1200

    Hi live In Australia just brought a IV 1200 with Subaru engine 350 hrs on both 10 years old
    I have 912 with 400 hrs .
    like a bit of advise on change over has round cal and grove under carriage.
    my thoughts swap engine and see how it goes if I like it do full refurb ie new fabric etc

    like to know best way to install and any mod I have to do

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    Default Re: Kitfox IV 1200

    Congrats Grif and welcome to the Kitfox family.
    The conversion is a worth while endeavor. It has been done successfully in the past. You will regain useful load while increasing takeoff performance and reliability. New motor mounts will be required along with all support equipment for the Rotax 912 such as radiator, exhaust, oil cooler, throttle cables, choke cables, ect. Hopefully most was included with your 912. If not, Kitfox Aircraft in Idaho should have everything needed for this conversion. Weight and Balance will need to be recalculated after your conversion. Some builders chose to swing the wings forward during initial rigging to compensate for the weight of the Subaru.
    Find or ask for photos of a 912 Rotax install on these forums. That will help guide you also.
    Best of luck Grif.

    Building 7 Super Sport
    912 ULS Tri-gear

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    Default Re: Kitfox IV 1200

    I fly a model IV 1200 with a 912 UL (80 hp.) It cruises at 100 mph easily and I also have the grove gear.

    My wife and I are small. 160 lbs and 100 lbs. The plane is marvelous with the 912.

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    Default Re: Kitfox IV 1200

    Congrats Griff.

    If I recall, the round cowling for the Suburu engine is different from the cowling for the Rotax. I believe the Suburu version is actually bigger and may not work with the Rotax. As for Steve's comments, we flew together several times, he in his IV with a 912 ULS and me in a V with a C-0200. He out ran me, out climbed me and out turned me. The Suburu weighs about the same as the C-0200. You'll definitely appreciate the performance improvement with the change but, bear in mind the need to address W&B. I'm not sure about the IV but, with the V there was a forward wing sweep required for the heavier engines and the location of the battery was in the aft fuselage. Wishing you well with your transition.


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