Ok, so now I understand. You're an Expat. You picked a great country to live in though. My younger years were spent around Pascoe Vale, Glenroy, the illegal motorbike track under the trestle bridge near Broadmeadows and I followed the scramble bikes at Tracey's speedway in Maribynong. So I have a history with bikes as well. My current ride is a BMW 1150 GS, which I'm about to sell. Don't want to come off it because if I do I'll most likely lose my CASA medical, so my Kitfox takes precedence ... rightly so. I too had an interesting early life - rock band, motor bikes, old cars and of course aeroplanes. I've done some travelling through Oz and have been to both Mt Isa and Norseman. The latter struck me as a halfway point to nowhere. Mt Isa was good though and enjoyed the stay. If you start a thread, I'll follow along. Good luck with the build, especially those LE slats !.