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Thread: Upgrade from SS7 to STi kit?

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    Default Re: Upgrade from SS7 to STi kit?

    Congrats! I think your approach is a good one. Unless you're really out Palmering around, the standard wing provides more than adequate STOL performance and lets you get where you're going substantially quicker.

    You've got the right attitude. Don't try to build an airplane. Just try to make some progress every day on a single task. One day you'll run out of tasks, and have an airplane to show for it.
    Flying - S7SS

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    Default Re: Upgrade from SS7 to STi kit?

    Alright!!!!! Welcome along Jeff.
    Eddie Forward
    SS7, 912iS, Garmin G3X

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    Default Re: Upgrade from SS7 to STi kit?

    Very envious !!! Best of luck and keep us informed on how it goes

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    Default Re: Upgrade from SS7 to STi kit?

    Welcome aboard Jeff.

    I have been working on my build about five and a half months. I try and get at least one thing done every day and make plans for the next day. Sometimes life gets in the way but thatís ok.

    For the first couple of months I was keeping track of my hours and it seemed like I was punching a time clock so now I just go to work and have fun, to heck with keeping time. Some people ask how many hours will it take. My reply is who cares, Iím having fun.

    Enjoy the build!
    Joe Gallagher
    Building SS7

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