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Thread: Filling and finishing the speed fairings

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    Default Filling and finishing the speed fairings

    What's the best way to fill and finish this? I don't like the look of the metal that's standard. I've seen some pictures here somewhere work nice clean look.

    Foam and super fill? Or would fiberglass stick? What's the chance of it cracking on short order?

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    Default Re: Filling and finishing the speed fairings

    Most of us don't use the metal that comes for finishing these fairings. The way I did it was to stick those ends down real good with plenty of Hysol, used some foam to fill in the big gaps, then used several applications of SuperFill to blend everything in nicely. It has lasted for 5.5 years and 750 hours now with no sign of cracking. Of course you must be careful to never push or step on the fairings.Latest 016.jpgLatest 017.jpg
    These photos are of a factory SLSA, but mine turned out exactly the same.
    Jim Ott
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    Default Re: Filling and finishing the speed fairings

    Did like Jim said, except used some balsa to fill the larger voids.
    - Gary
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    Default Re: Filling and finishing the speed fairings

    Same as Jim.
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    Default Re: Filling and finishing the speed fairings

    The guy that built mine used bondo and itís cracked. One day Iíll redo it with superfill.

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