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Thread: Bob C Build

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    Flew twice today before the wind got bad. Tweaked the lift struts to make the wing as perfect as possible and it flew very straight today. I was wondering about the Airmaster prop lights, but they turned out to be working as they should. Did a couple of stalls and got 31mph on the full flaps. Will check the airspeed indicator next time. Full nose up trim is not enough with just me and not full tanks when the flaps are set to full, but it is manageable. Being able to download the Dynon info and study it later is great. I am using the EAA flight testing book and test flight cards too.

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    Bob, Don't expect to be able to fully trim with full flaps ( speaking of the SS7). Only the SLSA's can do it because their full flap setting is not as aggressive as the kits. You can get much closer to trimming with full flaps (but some back pressure will still be needed) if you set your HS jackscrew range to go clear to the bottom (nose up) of the slots in the tail access panels. You will still have plenty of nose down trim. This adjustment is simply done by screwing down the rod end fitting on the top of the jackscrew plunger-easy peasy.
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    Did that today, thanks. Got another 3/4 inch or so. Rainy here again so no flying for a few days.

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