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Thread: Jeffs 340 Kitfox

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    Senior Member jrevens's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Arvada, CO

    Default Re: Jeffs 340 Kitfox

    Ha! ...yes you did, Jeff. Good idea!
    John Evens
    Arvada, CO
    Kitfox SS7 N27JE

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    Aug 2008

    Default Re: Jeffs 340 Kitfox

    Jeff, that “ thing” is your ground loop inhibitor. 😉

    Looking forward to seeing the “Boss” up close and in person.👍

    Building 7 Super Sport
    912 ULS Tri-gear

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    Default Re: Jeffs 340 Kitfox

    Is that another piece of work you made yourself? Looks well made with the taper on the strap and all. I wonder however, my engine twists quite a bit. Enough so that it requires a well established hole size for the stinger to go through the cowl. I know it swings that much because it has burned the edge of the fiberglass enough to leave a mark on the stinger. What are your thoughts?
    Eddie Forward
    SS7, 912iS, Garmin G3X

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    Default Re: Jeffs 340 Kitfox

    DF4, I thought thats what your feets were for! 😂

    Eddie, my thoughts - make the hole bigger...
    Just kidding! 😬 I’m not using mags so it shouldn’t shake as bad. My other thought is that the attach point is behind the engine, not under, so the sense is that it will pivot a bit and lateral up/down movement will be less.
    I could be wrong...! I do plan to keep an eye on it as it is a bit unorthodox.
    Yeah I fabbed the hangar up from a 2” strip of .050 stainless and some other stuff from mcmaster aircraft supply. It is strong but has quite a bit of flexibility.
    KF 5

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