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Thread: Esser's Model 6 Repair

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    Default Re: Esser's Model 6 Repair

    To add to this, be careful not to overheat the spar. According to AC 43.13-1A (older version) stated that heating structural heat treated aluminum above the temperature of boiling water could affect the heat treating and structural integrity.

    Just check and be careful.


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    Default Re: Esser's Model 6 Repair

    Thanks for the tip.
    Building the JaMFox N677JM
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    Default Re: Esser's Model 6 Repair

    Josh - does the epoxy appear to be Loctite 9460 that we are now using? If so, the spec sheet says the Tg is 68C so you should have room to get it off and protect the 100C limit Ralph wrote about. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    Default Re: Esser's Model 6 Repair

    Quote Originally Posted by Esser View Post
    If anyone is looking for an update on this project, itís taken a back burner over the summer. Life is just too busy right now. We will dive back in the winter.

    Basically, we decided that this will become my plane and Natalie will have the other one. There are too many things I wanted to change that she wasnít sure about. The plane is going on an extensive diet. Iíve already removed 25lbs from the plane and have my eye on roughly 25lbs of weight that I still want to remove. Some of easy and some of it more difficult.
    I would like to bump this thread for two reasons. First, where are you getting the 25 pounds from (and the proposed second 25 pounds)? So far this morning I've been sipping coffee and reading other people's build threads and I've learned that I should be happy I don't have the adjustable rudder pedals (gives me more room in the tunnel up front and of course saves weight, time, complexity).

    Secondly I'm still mystified as to how people are deconstructing wings. The wings that came with my plane were originally built with the 3M adhesive. I'm quite familiar with what Tg is and I can get the Loctite stuff off pretty easily, but the older 3M stuff does not seem to to ever turn rubbery before the wood gets too hot. I'm sitting on new spars, extrusions, ribs and fittings so the only thing I'm going to use from my old wings is the drag/anti drag tubes and fittings. But I would still like to know how people are getting ribs off without screwing them up.

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