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Thread: Kitfox Model II Rebuild

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    Default Re: Kitfox Model II Rebuild

    Hey James....just saw your post. Very cool! When I sent you the fabric tester, I had no clue that you were using it for such an awesome cause. So glad you got the plane back and are bringing it back to life. I'll be following your progress.


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    Hey Jerry!
    Thanks so much again for loaning the tester.
    It really helped get things rolling.

    Part VIII

    So the new lexan was cut, drilled, and fitted to the doors.
    We then installed the regulator/rectifier and starter solenoid.


    After that we finished plumbing the fuel line from the header tank to the gascolator up to the fuel pump assembly.
    Moving on we set the dash up with instruments mounted and began the chore that is wiring.


    Next step was to get the engine mounted so we could finish the wiring from the engine to the regulator. After swapping out the mounts we hoisted the new engine into place and bolted her in.


    Next step is to plumb the radiator hose and then work on connecting the carbs and throttle linkage.
    Its coming along and its nice to see more and more progress as we work at it.
    With some luck she'll be ready for engine break in and testing in a month or so.

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    Part VIIII

    Things continue to progress.
    The Radiator has been plumbed and the throttle linkage and choke linkage has been connected.
    Everything tested out good so we went ahead and filled the radiator.
    Next step was to finish the ground wiring and double checking all electronics were working.
    We connected the spark plugs and tested the ignition switches for "mag" checks.

    After that it was a case of mounting the exhaust and then fitting the cowls to verify clearance.


    As well as measuring to see if the mounting of the external oil tank would be feasible.
    Deciding we had the clearance we began to fabricate a bracket to hold the tank.
    After purging the air in the line we hooked up the oil injection and moved on to the next thing.

    Which in this case was the changing of the gear box. The 582 was from a Kitfox II kit that was never done. Motor was still in sealed box from the Rotax plant.
    But as it turned out it was rocking a B gear box that had a service bulletin. Rotax had changed the mounting plate for the B gear box going to 6 mounting bolts instead of the former 4.
    The person I bought the engine from had the retrofit kit so we went about swapping this out then filling the gear box with oil lube.
    It was then time to set the prop.

    Thankfully we still had the old prop which worked perfectly for all those years. So we mounted the old one momentarily to get the pitch degree from it.
    We then mounted the new prop and set the pitch to the same degree as the old prop. 11 degrees in this case.

    And with was finally time.


    We towed it to a field and began the break in procedure.
    Other than it being hot outside and dealing with hundreds of "Love bugs" (A Florida pest), the engine ran beautifully.
    Following the Rotax break in procedure, when it came time to go full throttle I pulled 6400rpm static on the first push.
    No need to change prop pitch at all. EGT temps were good, the water temps started to climb being it was a hot day, but running water over the radiator as called for in the Rotax break in instructions, fixed that problem.
    After the break in we set the idle adjustments and I went home a very happy person.

    Its been a long couple months now, but the light is at the end of the tunnel.
    Within a few weeks, it'll be out at the hanger, wings fitted once more.

    Ready for the real fun.

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    Default Re: Kitfox Model II Rebuild

    Looking good. You can't be far from me, because as you say the love bugs have been horrible the last 2 weekends.
    SS7 O-200 Whirlwind

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    Hey Ken, I'm about 2 to 3 hours from you.
    Yeah this is the worst I've seen in many a year.
    I went flying in a Drifter earlier this week and didn't realize Love Bugs can get about 200 feet off the ground.
    Taking a love bug to the forehead at about 60mph on descent is not fun.

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    Part X

    This week was about getting things wrapped up on the fuselage.
    We sourced a check valve that we integrated into the cap on the oil tank. At low rpm (2000rpm range) the vibration was causing it to spit oil from the relief vent when the tank was near full. We needed to address that.
    Then it was a matter of doing another once over and verifying all control surfaces were in proper shape and ready to go.

    We finished wrapping up wiring after I replaced the EGT gauge and probes.
    The old ones had seen better days and you just about live and die by the EGT in a two stroke engine. So it was best to get something I knew was new and had been factory tested for correct readings.
    With everything buttoned up we began the process of putting the dash cover back on and hooking up the push to talk on the control sticks. Putting the compass in and the carpet back in.


    We put the seat pan and the cowls on. I hooked up the belts and seat covers.
    The piece that had been built to go over the back part of the turtle deck area was long gone.
    So we built a new one. Using some very thin board and the left over carpet we made a new backing piece.
    Complete with a a little area inside to hold a few tools and a bottle of oil.


    We ran the engine again to double check that the check valve for the oil tank would work. Which it did.
    And afterwards the prop bolts were re-torqued then safety wired. The spinner then attached.


    At this point other then a few little tiny things to do, the main body is finished.
    The wings are the next project. And thankfully not much has to be done to them. Other then changing out the fuel tank fittings. Giving the tanks a good flush. Replacing the bolts and pins. The wings should be good to go in short order.
    It won't be long and this bird will be back in a hanger on airport property awaiting her time to fly.

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    Default Re: Kitfox Model II Rebuild

    Good progress James. You will know your Kitfox again well from nose to tail and fly ever after with a heighten confidence level.

    Building 7 Super Sport
    912 ULS Tri-gear

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    Default Re: Kitfox Model II Rebuild

    Part XI


    Almost time.....

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    Default Re: Kitfox Model II Rebuild

    hahaha, something endearing about a photo like that. Im not sure if I ever posted it but I have the same shot of my Kitfox.
    Eddie Forward
    SS7, 912iS, Garmin G3X

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    Part XII


    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


    Weight and balance has been done, came in at a nice 502lbs.
    I've been getting a lot of taxi practice and my father has taken it up 3 times now.
    He's slowly getting ready to put it through it's paces, the last 3 times were just quick up and around the pattern checking for any issues.
    We were concerned the temp was running a bit hot on climb out. But found the old coolant gauge and sender were reading off. I replaced the gauge and sender and its spot on now.
    In the next few weeks I'll start working on high speed taxi with the tail up and shortly after that, it'll be my time to fly.

    Its been an entertaining journey thus far and I can already tell in a few years time I'll be looking to build a Speedster S7 to continue on.

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