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Thread: Prop bolts

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    Question Prop bolts

    Well. my saga continues. I bought the Kitfox with a questionable prop. ordered new prop and it took longer then I wished but looks great.
    Now the new problem, I need shorter bolts to install the new prop
    The new question is the current bolts, 105mmx8mx1.25, 10.9 are too long. If I am able to find 100mm long bolts of this spec, will they be acceptable.
    My Mech is saying prop bolts are different then regular bolts. do they make metric prop bolts??

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    Default Re: Prop bolts

    Yes they make metric prop bolts. You have to be careful because a 5/16 bolt will thread into an 8mm threaded hub. A 5/16 bolt is.3125" while the 8mm is .3149. The 5/16 bolt will feel okay when threaded in by hand but it will not work.

    The best thing to do is call the prop manufacture. Some props use a non drilled head bolt and a stop nut instead of safety wire.

    Her's the metric prop bolts Aircraft Spruce has.
    Tom Jones
    Classic 4 builder

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    Default Re: Prop bolts

    the california power systems catalogue had prop bolts in different lengths, and the collars

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