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Thread: UL Power Engines

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    Default UL Power Engines

    Does anyone have any experience with the UL Power engines? A friend at the airport mentioned them to me today, but I hadn't heard of the company. He told me the engines are relatively new and are manufactured in Europe. I did a search of this forum but couldn't find any mention of them. I know Rotax seems to have the lion share of the experimental and LSA engine market (for good reasons), but I always like to hear about alternative options. The following link is their North American market website (competition is a good thing to moderate pricing).
    Michael Meyers
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    Default Re: UL Power Engines

    I was going to put one in mine originally til I got a good deal on my 914. Honestly, I'm happy I went with the Rotax but UL has been around for 7+ years and has a lineage of race engine history before that. Haven't really heard anything bad and the Zenith guys seem to love them.
    Josh Esser
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    Default Re: UL Power Engines

    The Just factory guys weren't as impressed with them.

    I've had no direct experience.
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