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Thread: Alternator Anomaly

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    Default Alternator Anomaly

    Last week during the second post-annual shake down flight I had an “altenator” (yes spelled wrong) indication on the G3X and the Bus current dropped to zero. Voltage readings were normal during the flight (around 13.5 volts).

    On the ground, voltage out of the alternator (when isolated) was 18V at idle and higher at higher rpm. Suspecting a failed rectifier/regulator, I replaced it. The “altenator” indication went away, but I still have 0 amps current displayed on the G3X.

    Shunt fuses on ohmmeter checked good. Wiring & connection continuity checked okay.

    What have I missed?

    A/C Super Sport ELSA
    TTSN 209 hrs
    Engine 912 ULS
    Avionics Full Garmin Suite (G3X & GEA24)

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    Default Re: Alternator Anomaly

    Any chance during the annual that a ground got moved off the shunt?

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    Default Re: Alternator Anomaly

    I had one of the little wires break that goes from the shunt to the GEA-24. This gave a 0 amps indication.
    Phil Nelson
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