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Thread: Trent's friend Nick crashed

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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    Quote Originally Posted by Esser View Post
    I've been thinking about a helmet for a while and Nikk's accident has solidified this idea. I'm now in the market for one.

    I was looking at this one. Pick the bill length you like. Plus it doesn't have a button on top to mess with your headset headband. Reasonably priced too.
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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    If it doesn't have a restraint to keep it on your head you might as well go without.
    Eddie Forward
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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    first off I want to say, glad Nick is going to be ok. now onto the use of a helmet. I googled why fighter pilots wear a helmet. this is what it said, I agree.
    A helmet provides head protection. A fighter airplane can make many sudden turns and a helmet provides reduction of the risk of a head injury. If the pilot needs to eject the airplane, helmet is needed to protect from wind blast, in addition to what I mentioned #1. Helmets play an important role in noise attenuation.

    so I asked myself why would I need one. not for banging my head on the side when doing a turn, never had that problem. not for ejection, there's no way to fit an ejection seat in the kitfox.

    noise reduction, no, I have a bose a20 that is pretty quiet.
    so I guess I can save my money because I would probably hit the top anyway or the braces on the side all the time with one. so no fighter pilot with this guy.
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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    Not sure comparing to a fighter pilot makes sense. Slow speed, non-ejecting aerobatic pilots also wear helmets.

    From my perspective, there are two main threats to your head inside a kitfox, the instrument panel and the crossbar behind your head (third would be a passenger next to you). Both easily within striking distance in a hard crash/landing. You need the helmet to be good for that one impact, non-reusable. Ski/snowboard helmets are designed for a single impact on a hard surface, so those are a cheap option, Then there are the $1000+ options with built in comms.

    A severe head impact could delay your reactions in an otherwise non-injurious hard landing. Hit your head, get knocked out, delay your ability to escape a fire or other hazard. Something to think about.

    Just like everything else, it's a risk/benefit curve, how much risk are you avoiding to what benefit?

    I don't want to hijack Nick's thread, we should probably start a new thread on this topic.

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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    This recent highly publicized S7 kitfox crash in Reno puts everyone in a tough spot.

    Thousands of aviators and every kitfox driver wants to know the details without appearing insensitive to the injured, or hurting the brand, or risk of putting the pre crash decisions and resulting actions of the pilots in a position of judgment.

    The only reason this S7 kitfox crash is known world-wide is the close proximity to the high action, low flying, youtube sensation, water skiing bush plane pilot and category brand ambassador, Trent Palmer. Without Trent this would be just another silent kitfox crash, add Trent, and arm chair pilots everywhere chime in. Ironically, a group of outback flyers in Australia, about as far away from the crash site possible, seem to have a pretty interesting timeline and rescue photos on this crash, just google kitfox crash and look for the Aussie bush plane blog.

    I would have expected the first mishap on team Palmer to be a low speed ground loop or a scraped wing tip from tire grabbing sand, mud or gravel, not a low energy event in extreme vfr above extreme flatness. Short of an in-flight structure break up, I could not imagine a better place to have an emergency then where that plane fell.

    Good luck to the pilot. He is very lucky. Things could have been much worse, especially with leaking fuel.

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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    Does anyone have any additional information on Nikk and what went wrong? I dont do instagram or facebook etc.
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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    I posted this yesterday:

    Hello everyone, Nikk called me this morning. He is in good spirits and comfortable. His eye socket surgery yesterday went well and he can already notice a difference. Wrist next and when the swelling in his legs goes down, they will start on those.

    He says he really appreciates all the support from everyone and that it really means a lot to him. He wants to get into a plane again as soon as possible and is already talking about how he wants to build another Kitfox.
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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    If anyone hears what happened, please post. I don't do facebook or other social media so can't get info there. Nick seems like a pretty cool guy, and I am sure he'll do a debrief when he is able.

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    Default Re: Trent's friend Nick crashed

    So glad he is alive, recovering, and wanting to get back up!
    Prayers sent Nikk

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