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Thread: Handling the bumps

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    Default Re: Handling the bumps

    Oh Yeah. I wasn't thinking of wake turbulence from other air craft as was talking of wind and thermals in fall flying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Great video! If you fly into another wake, and this can be same make and model as you fly, and timed right it can put you upside down and into the ground. Donít be fooled that the aircraft in front of you is smaller than you so are not comcered about their wake. Wait, give yourself space, and climb above their wake, or when landing land beyond. When you are close to the ground you donít have altitude to correct. When I first got my license a friend and I went up in 172ís to experiment. Went to a safe altitude and flew formation and I had him climb and I flew into his wake. Gave me a healthy respect of wake turbulence that has helped keep me safe.

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    Norm, I like your video better
    Dorsal ~~^~~
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsal View Post
    Norm, I like your video better
    That's cool I like yours better.
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