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Thread: AirMaster constant speed prop

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    Default Re: AirMaster constant speed prop

    We are a dealer for AirMaster..
    75" slightly better STOL if that is primary...
    70" does an awesome job Eddie so not to worry.
    Approx $8300 for the 70" delivered.

    Have used both lengths... the weight is about 23-25.. which usually means about 10 lbs heavier then a group adjust.

    Easy to operate and works well..

    You simply cannot beat a CS prop for overall performance.
    It will depend on engine choice and flight mission.

    $8300 is a bit much but actually cheap when pricing CS props.
    The 3 blade MT is $11k and the hydraulic governor is 2-3k.
    John McBean

    "The Sky is not the Limit... It's a Playground"

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    Default Re: AirMaster constant speed prop

    All right John, now you've done it. That is so tempting. Think I will try this thing out the way it is and compare it to Paul's airplane at S&R.
    Eddie Forward
    SS7, 912iS, Garmin G3X

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    Default Re: AirMaster constant speed prop

    Custom Flight Creations has a pretty good article online about blade length selection for Airmaster CS props on Rotax 4-strokes. The tldr is that if STOL is really important to you, 75" is a good length, but that 68-70" is ideal for all-around performance. Seems consistent with John's comments.
    Flying - S7SS

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