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Thread: ArTex 345 ELT - Ground Plane Question

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    Default Re: ArTex 345 ELT - Ground Plane Question

    Hi Joe,

    The mounting plate for my ELT is on the right edge of the fuselage, forward under the turtle deck cover. Are you sure that your comm antenna mount is there? My comm antenna is centered on the fuselage aft of the rear edge of the turtle deck cover. I welded the mounting plate on at that position. Itís a little aft of where the factory installs them now. I wanted to get a little more clearance from the rear of the turtle deck cover. The factory wasnít installing a mounting plate up there at that time. Iím not sure what the distance is between the 2 antennas, but everything works fine.
    John Evens
    Arvada, CO
    Kitfox SS7 N27JE

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    Default Re: ArTex 345 ELT - Ground Plane Question

    Hi John,
    I see what you mean now. I thought your elt mount was in the centerline of the fuselage. Now it makes sense to me. I like like that mounting spot.


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