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Thread: Shout Out to Dynon

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    Default Shout Out to Dynon

    Just want to give kudus to Dynon for there excellent service after the sale. Last year I purchased their SV-ADSB-472 module for ADS-B IN cockpit weather and traffic. It worked OK but had a few issues and not as good a range as some other products out there. Well Dynon fixed the bugs and improved the unit and offered a trade-in replacement of the older unit. I received my new unit and it was a drop-in easy 15 minute replacement at no cost. This is a first class company in my book.
    Jim Ott
    Portland, OR
    Kitfox SS7 flying
    Rotax 912ULS

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    Default Re: Shout Out to Dynon

    Awesome Jim. Always glad to hear people getting good service.

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    Default Re: Shout Out to Dynon

    Much appreciated Jim. Dynon I'm sure appreciates the kudos from their customers.
    We appreciate them and all sponsors for making this site available at no cost to our members.

    Building 7 Super Sport
    912 ULS Tri-gear

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