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Thread: repair the Warp Drive or switch to ??

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    Default Re: repair the Warp Drive or switch to ??

    The Luga prop has a great price, but info is lacking. I have written the manufacturer a few times and usually heard back in 2 to 4 days. I think the person I was communicating was using an online translator because sometimes the responses were not in line with my questions. There isnít any documentation that I can find on the props ( TBO, repairs.....). I am waiting to see what TPalmer has to say after 6 months or so. Is anyone else running a Luga? If so, how many hours? Durability? Is it repairable?

    I saw something in the web site about 600 hours. Is that before inspection, or is that when it goes in the trash can? What type of documentation came with the prop?

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    Default Re: repair the Warp Drive or switch to ??

    Same issue here. I've decided to wait or go another direction. I don't like the idea of no support and an airplane down for 6 months if I had an issue.

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    Default Re: repair the Warp Drive or switch to ??

    Don't have hard data but I'm pretty sure Steve Henry is still running the Luga on his Yamaha powered Highlander. It is three blade and he was very positive about the prop.
    Another prop I am considering for my Just Superstol is a Duc Helices Flash 3 blade. Can't find a lot of info but they seem to have excellent all around performance, good or very good pulling on take-off and about 10 mph higher on cruise than some other competitor props for the Superstol (it needs all the help it can get on cruise lol)
    Good thread over on the Wings Forum on the Duc. Keith Showwalter out of Anchorage is running one on his Just Superstol and speaks highly of it. Link is

    Take Care,
    John Cooley

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    Default Re: repair the Warp Drive or switch to ??

    Hal Stockman of Zipper Engine Kits is sort of a dealer for the Luga props if there is such a thing. He had gotten several from Europe for people. He is a big fan of them.
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