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Thread: Garmin G3X Autopilot and Yaw Damper

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    Default Garmin G3X Autopilot and Yaw Damper

    Hi All,

    Just wanted some advice about the autopilot setup in my Kitfox 7SS please.

    I have fitted 3 GSA-28 servos (roll / pitch / yaw) in combination with the G3X and GMA 307 autopilot, and have tested her on the ground and in the air. She flies straight and level and also climbs and turns nicely and smoothly when asked to.

    The only thing that is not quite right is the yaw damper. It is definitely working and contributing to rudder action during the turns, but the balance ball seems to be just a little bit off centre to the right all the time, even in level flight. I though the yaw damper would keep the ball in the centre all the time?

    Could it be that the torque of the engine is throwing things off a bit, or do I need to adjust the sensitivity of the Yaw servo in order to fine tune it? If so, how do I do that?

    A friend suggested permanently adding a small trim tab to one side of the rudder to get the ball in the centre in level flight, but surely the yaw damper should be able to compensate for that automatically?

    Thanks in advance for your replies

    Kindest regards


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    Default Re: Garmin G3X Autopilot and Yaw Damper

    I am building a 7SS not using a yaw damp servo

    I have a Glastar. The builder used hot glue to glue a short straw to the side of the trailing edge of the rudder when he found the length that offset the rudder for how he flew most of the time, he then made a wood dowel, painted it to match and glued it in place still works 13 yrs later

    David Kelm

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    Default Re: Garmin G3X Autopilot and Yaw Damper

    LOL thats genius.

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