Last year, my wife and I took a trip from Hugo Oklahoma
to Page Arizona for the annual Ctfliers/LSA fly-in.
This was Kathy's first long trip in anything other than an airliner.
I wanted to share some photo's of the trip.
Will probably break this up into several posts
as I seem to keep blowing away one long post.

We flew to Sante Fe for the night, then headed to
Flagstaff to visit a long time friend.
Kathy and I met in Flagstaff as we both went
to Northern Arizona University. Mary, was Kathy's
college room mate and maid of honer at our wedding.

At Sante Fe I parked next to this airplane on the ramp.IMG_1227.jpg
This is the Sling airplane that flew around the world. Was built in South Africa and then flew to Oshkosh. I think they are now being built in California??

While at Sante Fe - I need to give a huge shout out
to Skyland Aircraft, Inc. The owner Steve Bunch is
very knowledgeable on Rotax engines. He maintains
a training fleet at the airport. I had an issue with a
pinhole leak in an oil filter. Totally my fault and it had
nothing to do with the Rotax or the Big Bore Kit.
Anyway - Signature Aviation pulled my Fox over and
Steve got right on it. Cleaned the engine compartment
and put on a new filter for me and I was ready to leave
in a little over an hour. Very friendly and great service.

We flew over Meteor Crater - or more properly -
Barringer Crager - on our leg to Flagstaff.

Kathy and Mary

Leaving Flagstaff at a little over 7000 ft was a breeze.
We were loaded to gross but the Fox handled it no sweat.
I had the Big Bore upgrade done by Hal Stockman -
put on the new cylinders and pistons and upgraded
my warp drive prop. Hal says it puts out 114 hp, but
for my simple mind I just call it a 115HP engine.
It's a great upgrade and really makes the Fox

Approaching Lake Powell

Lake Powell behind Glen Canyon Dam

Will post this and start on Part 2.