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Thread: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

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    Aug 2008

    Default December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    I received this possible submission for KOTM from Olaf. It came in a format a little different from all others and really caught my attention.

    A great story of an early Kitfox lovingly built by it's first owner then it's owner becomes ill and the Kitfox patiently waits until Olaf found it and worked hard to get it back in the air where it belongs. No longer a "possible" submission, Olaf's model 3 takes it's rightful place in the KOTM family of honored Kitfox aircraft.

    Congrats to Olaf on the salvation of a sweet little Kitfox. Enjoy every flight Olaf. Thanks for your submission for KOTM. Below is the YouTube link to his story and the brief note sent to me.

    "Hi Steve,

    I collect the pics from my Kitfox rebuilt (2012) and cut a video with the story about these kitfox.
    Sometimes pics told more than words, have a look, may be it is something for KOTM!?

    Kitfox III
    Rotax 582
    Kit delivered from Nampa Idaho 1991 - Build 1992-1993
    Story and pics see the link below :-)

    Greetings from Germany.


    7 Super Sport
    912 ULS Tri-gear

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    Default Re: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    What a great transformation! Thank you for restoring and giving new life to your plane. You not only did a great job, but your YouTube video is a great way to present your work and your love of flying. Way to go, Olaf, and congratulations on your Kitfox Of The Month achievement!
    Steve Wilson
    Huntsville, UT
    Kitfox 85DD
    912A / 3 Blade Taper Tip Warp Drive
    Convertible Nosewheel & Tailwheel
    SkySteve's SPOT Page
    SkySteve's You Tube Videos

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    Arvada, CO

    Default Re: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    What a great story, well told, and a beautiful airplane! Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Olaf! Very nice!!
    John Evens
    Arvada, CO
    Kitfox SS7 N27JE

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    Noervenich, Germany

    Default Re: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    Congrats Olaf!!!

    You can be my wingman anytime 😜😜

    Check Six,

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    Winchester, KY

    Default Re: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    Great submission!! You should be proud of your work restoring , repairing and flying your aircraft. Looks great and congrats on Kitfox of the month.

    Dick B

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    Smile Re: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    Thank you very much at all :-)

    I'm very happy to read your words. Till now I have 160 amazing hrs with my kitfox,
    without any problems and in spite of the old engine. It makes so much fun and may
    be this little video inspires another enthusiastic pilot to do the same job and let
    an "old" kitfox fly again....


    Bonn - Germany
    Kitfox III 582 GSC Prop

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    Default Re: December 2016 KOTM Olaf's Model 3

    I really like the transformation from the original tricycle to a shiny red taildragger. Producing the video to tell the story, and including details of the original builder, was a was a wonderful idea.

    Very nice job on both the restoration and the video.
    Carl Strange
    SS7, 912iS, Oratex, G3X

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