• Unregistered users (guests) can still view all classifieds but may not able to see all pics posted or access all features of this website.
  • Users are encouraged to post pictures and full info with their listings including the PRICE.
  • Classifieds are deleted when 60 days old. If you don't sell your item feel free to re-list it.
  • Links to Craig's List, E-Bay, Barnstormers or other classified sites are no longer permitted.
  • Only Registered Users can post a classified (or any message for that matter).
  • When listing multiple "for sale items" please create a single post with all items included. You are encouraged to post updated replys as items sell from your original post.

  • If you are a business but NOT a paying site Sponsor( listed in the sponsor's columb on the left side of every forum page) on, DO NOT display your business name or business URL in your signature or in any posts, or promote your business or your products through the Forums or Private Message system. Non-advertisers may only list a URL in the 'Home Page' field in their forum member profile pointing to their business.

Why Did My Listing Get Deleted?

A classified ad likely gets edited or removed for one of the following reasons:
1. The original post is more than 60 days old. Still for sale? Re-list it.
2. The item sold and the poster put 'sold' in a reply or edit, a moderator saw it and the classified was removed.
3. It linked to another classified site (Trade a Plane , Barnstormers, ect.)
4. It was a Craig's list or an Ebay listing.
5. Non-Advertiser posting non-Kitfox related items for sale or trade in the Classified section or URL's in your signature.
6. It was a "Trade my bass boat, lawn mower, real estate, cars, trucks, litter of kittens for a Kitfox"or the like.
7. "Aircraft or project for sale or trade" was not a Kitfox.
8. Classified ad was abandoned. Original poster did not log in for 30 days after advert. was posted.