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Thread: Kitfox Factory Cabin Cover

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    Default Kitfox Factory Cabin Cover

    Kitfox Cabin Cover,

    Back a while several folks on the list were discussing the Cabin cover. This last weekend we camped out with the plane and I managed to have my camera with this time - so I took some photos of how the cover fits (very well in my opinion) and how a person can easily get in the pilots side with the cabin cover on.

    All in all, very little time needed to put it on the plane - there are velcro straps to loop the cover around the flaperon horns, over the inboard flaperon hinge, along the sides of the turtle deck; and, 4 "big elbow" straps with velcro to go under the belly. I have not seen that wind bothers it at all.

    For access to get the candy bar the pilot left inside the cabin before securing the cover, a person can quickly unzip the velcro by the turtledeck and flaperon, undo the center belly straps (the rearmost one can go back up after the side panel is unzipped to keep the thing in place) and the pilot's side panel can be rolled back to allow the door to open without disturbing the rest of the cover. The belly straps are sewed to the passengers side and velcroed to the pilot's side - guessing this is by design.

    Photos attached
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    Default Re: Kitfox Factory Cabin Cover

    Thanks for the Pic. That's a pretty sweet fit.

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