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Thread: First, Build a Shed

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    Default Re: First, Build a Shed

    I bought mine as a scrap from a store that specializes in foam rubber and floor mats. Lots of choices.
    Jim Ott
    Portland, OR
    Kitfox SS7 flying
    Rotax 912ULS

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    Default Re: First, Build a Shed

    Pretty day yesterday. Parked the plane in front of the hanger and ran the engine for awhile. Goals were to confirm tightening the fuel connections stopped a drip and to figure out why the Lane B light blinks on regularly. Dustin (Shadowrider) posted a very helpful video, on Eddie's EFWD Build thread, that shows both the Garmin and Dynon systems displaying diagnostics from the 912iS. Garmin shows the messages in one of the system configuration pages. You have to hold down the Menu button on powerup to get to the display so I've added a panel switch for Display power so I can boot into this mode while the engine continues running. Helpfully, just as in the video, my problem is with an EGT sensor. Nice that the video demonstration shows where the sensor is located and how to disconnect the wiring.

    Inspection is tomorrow so I'll leave everything as is for now.

    Carl Strange
    SS7, 912iS, Oratex, G3X

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