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Thread: Looking for ideas for GPS nav

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    Default Re: Looking for ideas for GPS nav

    Greg - I found the best place for my iFly 720 was overhead center on a suction cup mount.
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    Default Re: Looking for ideas for GPS nav

    I use the IFLY built into panel with all the side plug in 's remotely mounted on face of panel
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    Default Re: Looking for ideas for GPS nav

    I use an android tablet with I Fly. I found that with so much more info than the old days provided with only a flight path and an airplane icon, a panel mount just wouldn't work for me. I made up a mount with several gimbal joints that clamps to the transverse tube just below the panel - on the pass side. With this mount, it can be positioned so I can read the fine print. In the old days, I used to use Flight Guide for fine print stuff like frequencies and pattern altitudes. It is no longer in print.
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    Default Re: Looking for ideas for GPS nav

    I use the Samsung Galaxy 3, 7" tablet as a compromise between size and panel space available. I originally bought an Ipad, but couldnt mount it without covering gages.
    I bought the Samsung on ebay, used, for about $140, and use the Garmin pilot app. The 16 gig Samsung holds the entire US chart set easily.
    I installed a 12v outlet on the top of the glare shield with a pair of USB charge ports so I run a wire to the Samsung to keep it charged.
    The Samsung has integral GPS, and can also have a cell phone tie-in for inflight weather.
    I flew across the US in June with this in my Avid Flyer, and it was a charm.

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    Default Re: Looking for ideas for GPS nav

    I use a Motorola Xoom with Naviator. Currently it mounts to a Ram ball on the yoke of my Bonanza.
    It will be mounted on the right side of my KF V panel. I also mounted a Gizmo for my 496. Primary instrument will be a GRT Mini-AP.

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