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Thread: Terra Transponder Repair

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    Default Terra Transponder Repair

    My Terra 250D just took a dump. Had it checked out and found that it would not send a signal but all other functions worked fine. Had it bench tested at an avionics shop and they said it was not working there either. So i looked on line and found a place in Texas called Ellison Avionics. I talked to the guy and he seamed to think he could fix it for a few hundred bucks. Not sure if anyone has had any experiences with this shop but i mailed my transponder out yesterday. Hope it works out to be as simple as he made it sound, I would hate to have to spend the big bucks ($1400) buying a new one. Thats a lot of gas money.

    In the off chance that i cant get it working for cheap dose anyone know of one for sale for cheap?

    I can hear the wife now, how much did you spend?!!!

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    Default Re: Transponder

    Hi Jesse
    I had mine repaired about 3 years ago at Texas college .
    cost a few hundred but works perfectly.
    Good luck

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    Default Re: Transponder

    I've also hear of good results from sending orphan Terra products to someone in Texas for repair.

    I have the little Terras in my yellow Kitfox, too.

    (Moved thread to its own place for future reference.)
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