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Thread: Hangar Door Height ?

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    Default Hangar Door Height ?

    I am looking at putting up a hangar and am looking for some measurements , to make up my mind on the door height.

    what is the: tail height of a model 7 on tricycle gear ?

    tail height of a model 7 on amphibious floats ?

    Other 2 place aircraft on amphibious floats that you have ?

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    Default Re: Hangar Door Height ?


    I can help you on the height for the 7 Trigear.

    The tail is the highest point. Be aware that the height at the tail can be significantly affected by air pressure in the nose tire compared to air pressure in the main tires.

    Our 7 trigear is 8' 2" at the tail.

    I have a little problem at my hangar with frost the winter after the frost has taken affect, I run the nosewheel down a 1 1/2" plank so the tail will clear the door...that drops the tail about 4"-5".


    Dave S
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    Default Re: Hangar Door Height ?

    Just think resale. Get as big as you can fit. Don't forget your door clearance height is shorter than the opening. I think if you had 14' clearance (Probably a 16' opening) you would fit most GA airplanes in. Go at least 45' wide too.

    If you are getting a pro builder to build it in Canada look up integrity post. I haven't seen anyone beat their price yet for what you get including quality.

    For doors I highly recommend HP doors.

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    Default Re: Hangar Door Height ?

    Quote Originally Posted by kmach View Post

    Other 2 place aircraft on amphibious floats that you have ?
    Legend Cub on floats 9' 8". On whipline amphibs 10' 4". It looks huge on the amphibs. Hard to believe it is LSA.

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    Default Re: Hangar Door Height ?

    Yeah, what Dave said. If I was going to cut a hole in my barn it would have to be big enough for say a Cessna 172.

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