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Thread: Mount AHRS and Magnetometer

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    Default Mount AHRS and Magnetometer

    I purchased the MGL system that comes with the small magnetometer and AHRS. Having read the constraints on mounting, I conclude that you can't meet them all.

    I was thinking about mounting them above the passenger compartment on a small aluminum piece that would extend across the compartment above the fuselage structure - basically mounting them in the center of the wingspan. I took my trusty Iphone up there and the compass works well for about a 6" diameter in the center of this area.

    I know many have mounted them outside on the wing, but I am not excited about mounting it that far from the longitudinal axis.


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    Default Re: Mount AHRS and Magnetometer

    Tom, Think twice about that location. When sitting in the seat... wearing your headset... magnets in the speaker cups!! When visiting a builder of a VariEze he had a vertical card compass mounted, I moved the headset he had hanging on the throttle and the compass moved 30 degrees.

    Just a thought.


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    Default Re: Mount AHRS and Magnetometer

    I think the wing tip is your best bet. You will still get accurate bank angles.

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