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Thread: ELT Antenna Mounting - Again

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    Default Re: ELT Antenna Mounting - Again

    Quote Originally Posted by jiott View Post
    So Highwing, did the ELT bring the responders? In other words did it do its job from inside the fuse?
    No, it was just making noise from inside the fuselage . It would have brought the responders if we hadn't put it down so close to a Calfire station.
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    Default Re: ELT Antenna Mounting - Again

    Just an update on the question of whether to mount the ELT internally. I just finished putting the Poly-spray on with a nice clean finish. I took an ohm-meter and probed in with the two leads about 6" apart. I still had "infinite" impedance. This implies the coating is non-conductive and will cause no loss to the transmission of the ELT signal.

    My earlier post where I said that the poly-spray rep said that it is like a sheet of aluminum - I question his statement.


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