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Thread: Vixen Cargo/Storage Space

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    Default Vixen Cargo/Storage Space

    Hi there everyone,

    Curiosity question - in reference to older model 5's, where the cargo/baggage sack extends only about 12 inches behind the seats, John McBean says the cargo bag listed in his catalog will not fit older 5's - so what have others done to create more luggage/cargo space? Boy that was a long winded question!

    Photos of options would be nice to see.



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    Default Re: Vixen Cargo/Storage Space

    The following photos are from a Model IV, but it might give you some ideas.

    This shows the baggage floor made up of fiberglass and foam laminate. I welded some tabs to the fuselage tubing to support the floor.

    Baggage Floor.jpg

    This shows the aliminum angle rail that goes around the perhiphery. The slots are to accept velcro straps that secure the Cordura sides to the bottom. It also shows one of the corner tabs for securing the baggabe with a bungee netting. The top of the bag is velcroed to existing tubing with two areas velcroed to aluminum tubing attached to the seat back and aft cross tube with nylon cable ties. I felt velcro for the sides would be adequate bacause the all the vertical load was supported by the floor.

    ELT 1.jpg
    Lowell Fitt
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    Default Re: Vixen Cargo/Storage Space

    I would also be interested in some additional photos with more details visible.
    Is this the same model as the one currently in shops or an older one?
    Alexandra from Cargo Storage

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    Default Re: Vixen Cargo/Storage Space

    My series 5 was delivered in 1995 and it takes a regular cargo bag. It is modified with a cutout on the aft edge to clear the elevator pushrod. Kitfox sold this to me late last year.
    KF 5

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