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Thread: Microfiber Cleaning Wipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrevens View Post
    I believe that it’s fabric softener that shouldn’t be used. Soap or detergent is necessary to get them clean. Fabric softener seems to break down the cloth & cause it to shed “micro-fibers”. You can see this especially if you use them for cleaning eye glasses. The smoother, less “fuzzy” cloths seem less vulnerable to this than the ones that are more like terrycloth.
    Yes, I agree! Thank you for clarifying

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    A little simple green for washing, cold water, NO fabric softener and dry with low heat with no softener sheets. I get mine to last years by this method. Told to me by a professional auto detailer.
    James T
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    As for Turtle Wax Ice, I'll say the following: I've already applied it to the surface polished with another product, so I didn't notice any special effect, but one thing I can say, it really does not leave any divorce!

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