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Thread: Great paint system, for cheap!

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    Default Great paint system, for cheap!

    Just walked in from the shop, from painting. I've been painting using
    System Three waterborne paints on my CH801.

    Had tons of problems with a standard paint gun with bubbles in the paint.

    I previously owned an Axis Citation HVLP spray system which I
    painted my Kitfox with. However I sold it.

    The waterborne paint is horrible with a regular paint gun, and I was
    feeling really sad that the Axis was gone. So I started searching for an
    HVLP spray system. I saw a Wagner Power Spray Plus HVLP at Lowe's
    for $99 I thought, well it's cheap so what the heck I'll buy it. It has
    a very basic spray gun, hose, and a small turbine.

    What a great deal! That thing after a bit of fiddling with paint thinning
    shoots paint just as well as the Axis, but for only $99! It's also a
    lot easier to clean up than the Axis as well.

    Talk about Happy, I feel like I just discovered cold fusion. It's by no
    means the best paint system in the world, but for the price it works
    great. It also shoots paint with a lot less overspray than the Axis.
    Hardly any fog after painting.

    I've got a nice compressor, and a half dozen different flavors of paint
    gun in the shop, but this thing is hands down my favorite at the moment.

    Highly recommended tool for only $99


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    Default Re: Great paint system, for cheap!

    I got the 60$ version by Wagner of the same gun show here,
    This one you can spin the nozzle to change the shape of the spay like an expensive gun. Worked well for me.
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    Default Re: Great paint system, for cheap!

    The one I'm talking about is the WAGNER CONTROL SPRAY PLUS
    which is an HVLP turbine based paint system, not an airless. It
    seriously works 100% as well as an Axis Citation , or a Fuji but at
    a fraction of the cost. I know I owned a Citation for 5 years.

    This is the $99 paint system:

    It paints just as well as this one, which is what I sold:

    Ok, granted it is not as high a quality as the Citation, and not
    as adjustable. However for airplane spraying, once you figure out
    the thinning in my opinion it works 100% as well.


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