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Thread: Show us your panel

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    Joe - I started with a lead I picked up on this forum and started by ordering one each of five or six different styles and shapes from one of several potential suppliers. The short version of the story is I learned that several suppliers call the same product their part but if you peel the onion just a bit you'll find that they all are from the same Chinese manufacturer AND at a wide variety of prices. Anyhow, I ended up with these:

    You can find them elsewhere for north of $4.00 each.

    You can wire them so the light is on or not - I measured the current draw for kicks and it was pretty close to nothing. (0.24 Amps if all 12 switches are on at the same time.)

    I've attached the spec sheet as well as the Knuckel's writing that convinced me that with the low power stuff we have in our panels now-a-days, these switches should work just fine.

    Panel switch bought from Waytek.pdf

    Switch_Ratings Aero electric.pdf



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    Ive been looking forward to making this post! Here is my panel! I actually used matte black Krylon for the paint at the suggestion of my EAA tech. It surprisingly turned out great and seems damn durable. Then I had the labels printed on with a UV cure ink at a local printer. Ill admit the writing isn't as sharp as I would like but you wouldn't notice until I mentioned it. Also you will noticed I mis judged the Vans glove box overlap and it cut off the Kitfox logo a bit. Even so Im happy with out it turned out for my first try HA! Everything powers up and works as advertised!


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    Looks great! I used Rustoleum. The rattle cans nowadays can provide great results for minimal cost 👍
    KF 5

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    Default Re: Show us your panel

    Looks sweet! Looks like you used the same ELT. Unfortunately they crack. Someone pointed that out to me and after the first engine run, sure enough there is a crack down the seem. If yours does and you come up with a solution let me know.
    Dustin Dickerson

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    My MKII 2K panel upgrade so far... part of 532-912 refurb upgrade.

    deadline to get back in the air after 12 months Nov.

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