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Thread: Oct '08 KOTM - Jud & Clarissa Parker

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    Default Oct '08 KOTM - Jud & Clarissa Parker

    TeamKF pic1.jpg

    Jud and Clarissa Parker (Jud and Clarissa) - Wilder, Id
    Series 5 TD
    Rotax 912UL Xtra, NSI CAP 140
    Started June 95, finished January 2001 (hours to complete ?)

    We received our kit in June of '95 and began work right away. We only took one break from working on the kit when we moved in 98 for about 2 months, but with 4 children and my work where I traveled 230 plus days a year the progress was slow. Thanks so much to the Kitfox factory for so much help all those years. Received our airworthiness certificate in February of 2001. The 40 hours were flown off fairly quickly, we had written out a very detailed flight test program including spins that took almost 30 hours. We tested at every type of loading weight and CG location we could come up with. The plane always flew great and never produced any undesirable flight characteristics. When the 40 hours were done we started to take it to airshows where we have been lucky enough to win some awards including a Bronze Lindy at Oshkosh 2003. We have flown it to almost every western state, west of the Mississippi. There is now over 470 hours of pure fun that we have been so grateful for. This little airplane can really change your life!

    TeamKF panel pic.jpg
    TeamKF pic.jpg

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    Default Well deserved KOTM Jud & Clarissa.

    Still one of the most beautiful Kitfoxs ever built. You two did a fantastic job. The awards are testament to the quality and care put into your build. Congrats on a stunning Model 5 and KOTM. I have a photo or two of your Kitfox on my album page BTW. Thanks Jud and Clarissa.
    P.S. Thanks Mark.
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    7 Super Sport
    912 ULS Tri-gear

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    Default Your beautiful Kitfox

    Couldn't get enough pictures of your plane when I came to the Factory FlyIn this year. Some more pics of your plane in my photo album also. Congrats guys and it was a pleasure to meet both of you at the flyin.

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    Default Great Job

    Judd & family,
    I must confess, I once drooled on your plane while standing on the wheel pant holding my ice cream cone :>)
    You have an awesome plane guys...always an inspiration to see it as we builders keep plugging along.
    Dan B
    Mesa, AZ

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    Default Re: Oct '08 KOTM - Jud & Clarissa Parker

    Thank you all for the truely kind words. The one thing I failed to mention was all the wonderful friends we have made, you guys are what has given us our greatest memories and for that, we thank you.

    Take care and keep flying,
    Jud and Clarissa

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    Default Re: Oct '08 KOTM - Jud & Clarissa Parker

    What a GREAT example of homebuilding at its best. I hope I get the chance to see this bird in person, as it just looks fantastic. Congrats on all the awards, and the many more that will no doubt be coming your way. Happy Flying.

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    Thumbs up Re: Oct '08 KOTM - Jud & Clarissa Parker

    Hey Guys,

    I got to tell you I was torn between a paint scheme similar to yours and the one on John Kings model IV. Johns won out but only by a fraction. I have seen several pictures of your airplane and drool every time I see it! Very nice build indeed! What a beautiful airplane!!!

    Joe Meyeres

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