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Thread: Punctuation issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertFox4 View Post
    Steve, Eric and Rick, thanks so much for the offers. That is so kind of you all. My reticence to upgrade to the latest greatest version of vBulletin is the potential for loss of data archived here going back to 2008.

    I think Steve has touched accurately on most of the issues regarding the site. Hosting is and has always been with GoDaddy. Lots of small issues with site down times through the years and one huge problem some years back when we busted through their ?storage? limit and GoDaddy shut off the site right before Oshkosh with no notice to myself. Talk about unfortunate timing. Anyway, upgrading with vBulletin is an option. Changing to a more modern and more user friendly system has been on my mind for some time now as has been moving the site to a different hosting company. We need easier photo uploading, video posting capabilities, a better site search engine ect. I have been talking to friends who are far more knowledgeable about moving the site than am I.
    I also may take Steve up on his generous offer to assist with this very delicate process. Thank you again Steve.

    Now for the temporary rub. I am away from home for about 2 more months while I fly a long planned Kitfox vacation that started off with the Kitfox Aircraft factory fly in. Currently I am in McCall, Idaho staying with friends out on their private air strip for a couple more days then I?m off to Montana for a visit. Minnesota will be my next extended stop and I will stage out of there for AirVenture where I will work again this year with the Kitfox Aircraft group at their booth talking to hundreds of folks throughout the week. My expected return back home to Arizona is the end of August or beginning of September. I am escaping the summer heat for a couple months. If everyone can tolerate the punctuation annoyance for a little while yet, I will be more able to dedicate time and resources to improving functionality with as little risk to the data base as possible.

    I hope to talk to many of you at AirVenture again this year if you are attending. Come by the Kitfox Aircraft booth and check out the amazing new Kitfox factory Speedster and it is sporting the new 916 Rotax engine. If you attended the factory fly in a week ago, you were able to see it.

    Thanks again gentlemen for your offers of assistance. I?ve always been able since this sites inception to cover operating costs courtesy our generous site sponsors. I hope to continue to keep use of site resources free for all who need it.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Steve aka Desertfox4
    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the response. I'm happy to help and understand that you're off having an adventure (I'm envious!). There's nothing urgent that we're discussing. I did some preliminary research, and there are options for moving hosts and upgrading the tools. I found helpful discussions about both topics. I've sent you a DM with some thoughts and ideas.

    Let's connect when you have some time. I'm happy to assist with anything you need.

    Happy flying and safe travels!


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    Default Re: Punctuation issues

    Steve. I responded with a Private Message.
    Thank you so much.

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