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Thread: Rotax 912 Engine install

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    Default Rotax 912 Engine install

    while trying to install a Rotax 912 engine into my Kitfox IV the starting motor at the rear of the engine hits the firewall before the engine mounts can reach the engine attach tabs on the fuselage. Is there an easy fix or do i need to modify the fire wall by cutting part of it away and rework the firewall?
    Frustrated, Tommy

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    Default Re: Rotax 912 Engine install

    I have a model 5 so I don't know, but a search on the subject brought this thread up. Note section E. Firewall. Hope it helps.

    Other searches might yield more info.

    Model IV - 582 to 912 conversion (
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    Default Re: Rotax 912 Engine install

    This is what I did on mine. After it was done, I thought I could have stretched the firewall material instead of cutting a chunk out of it and putting in a separate piece that I pounded into shape. The way I did it was safer though. Didn't stand near as much chance of ruining the firewall. JImChuk
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