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Thread: It's always darkest before the dawn

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    Default It's always darkest before the dawn

    Any year now I will finish the wiring . The hard thing to do is get the 2nd end of a cable at the exact right length so that all the bundles
    look clean and routed nicely. I think I have used 50 lbs of adel clamps (the bane of my existence) far.

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    Default Re: It's always darkest before the dawn


    Kinda like sausage making. No way to look good in the middle of working on it. I have had to re-do so many bits of the wiring, that I had to order more wire, more connectors, more heat shrink and more waxed flat string. I just wasted so many resources not getting it right the 1st time, or even the 2nd time!

    It'll look nice when you're all done... Now back to work!
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