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Thread: Kitfox IV value

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    Default Kitfox IV value

    Like most things, change is inevitable. I had a medical incident and my medical has lapsed. I really don’t feel like I have the “right stuff” any longer. After 23k hours I am afraid I have to hang up my spurs. Now to the meat, my Kitfox should go to a home where it will get to fly. Problem is the Kitfox market seems to be quite robust. I can’t track the ones that come up for sale quick enough to create a base line. So I am asking for your help in getting a rough valuation.
    Here are some rough details;
    1994 Model IV 1050, with about 300 hours, rudder pedal, factory kit, no more SB inspections.
    912 UL early case
    Warpdrive 3 blade whirlythingy
    Grove main gear
    Grove Wheels and braking system, with Aero Classic gummy bears on the mains.
    Scott 3200 tailwheel
    Garmin 250XL GPS/Comm
    Garmin GTX 327 xpnder
    Lithium battery w/ charger
    Panel has the usual instruments
    All fluid hoses replaced.
    The reason for the low hours is after flying an airliner all week the only thing I wanted to do was 3 t/o and landings on the nice soft grass field, a few 1/10s goes a long way.
    I bought the plane about 10 years ago, with the intention of having a retirement ride. Things change, oh well at least I am on the right side of the dirt.A94AA836-A44B-4CE7-B4C2-F0CBD33D4A48.jpg993D5E18-46A1-4D28-BB7E-C35512AF1F80.jpg2285C744-5AB8-413D-B7F8-B4647EDD913C.jpg
    The plane has never stayed outside overnight it’s actually in really nice condition. Plane will come with a fresh condition inspection( I am an A&P).
    The plane runs like a top. I purchased it from the 2nd owner and flew it from Minneapolis to Hollister in 2 days, 19 flight hours and 59 gallons of gas(eat your heart out Toyota Prius). It has a single tank in the right wing.
    Not looking for a definitive answer, just some educated guesses, so I know where to start.
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    Default Re: Kitfox IV value

    Any opinions?

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    Smile Re: Kitfox IV value

    One negative is that it's a 1050 gross weight. But it does look like a nice plane, and I'm sure it performs nice. I guess I would say get the conditional inspection finished, and list it for $45,000. One thing for sure, it's way easier to lower the price if it doesn't sell, than to have your phone ring off the wall after you sell to the first guy, and you realize then that the price was to low. If you have flying videos of it, that would help for out of town buyers. Especially if you can't demo the plane because of health reasons. Just my two cents worth, and worth every penny you paid for it.

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    Default Re: Kitfox IV value

    I sold my 1050 7 years ago for $35k. This is easy a $40-45k plane. I'd follow Jim's advice and do a condition inspection and list it for $45k. Don't give it away.
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    Default Re: Kitfox IV value

    Sent a PM, would be interested in chatting about your Kitfox.

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