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Thread: Feb. 2010 Kitfox of the Month Paul Zimmerman

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    Default Re: Feb. 2010 Kitfox of the Month Paul Zimmerman

    Go, Paul, go!
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    Default Re: Feb. 2010 Kitfox of the Month Paul Zimmerman

    Well I had a problem with my AF-3500 EFIS Panel, I had my AHRS loose the controller CCA to the Magnetometer. I contacted Advanced Flight about repair, and due to the cost of repair versus the discount they offered as trade in I decided for the difference in cost to upgrade to an AF-5600.

    Here are some of the installation photo’s. Now that I am a Certified LSR-M it was an entertaining project. The AF-5600 was just a little larger than the AF-3500. John McBean cut me a template, to assure it will fit, and I must admit he was correct it will fit, but man it was a tight fit. I got everything communicating, and the GPS communicating.

    I really like some of the new options on the AF-5600, along with a larger Font on the Engine Instrument. I can read them now. I can do a flight plan on my iPad on Fore Flight, and when I get to the airport it can be sent wireless to the AF-5600. It also has all of the VFR Sectional Charts.

    It was either raining or hot most of the days I worked on it. Now we have a Tropical Depression wait for the Tropical Depression Bill needs to blow thru before I get to go test fly it. I can’t wait to go fly it!
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