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Thread: Kitfox SS7 for sale

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    Default Kitfox SS7 for sale

    Due to medical issues I am selling my Kitfox SS7,N68BR, with Rotax 912iS sport engine with 303 hrs. total time A/C and Engine. Currently on nose gear. Sale includes complete, unused, factory tail wheel kit and airframe has provisions for brake line relocation for tail wheel operation. Aircraft is located 2 mi. from KOKH, Oak Harbor, WA. 98277. Ph 360 675 1187, Price $80,000.00 email

    1. S/N 4417255
    2. Last 100 hr. 1-16-2021 @ 299.06 hr.
    3. All Rotax applicable bulletins complied with
    4. Has Rotax modified gearbox for proper lube distribution
    5. Includes B.U.D.S dongle and CAN BUSS ports for engine diagnostics
    6. Whirlwind RZ3 ground adjustable propeller
    7. Oil thermostat installed
    8. PROP-TAC optical prop RPM indicator

    1. S/N KA-12188236
    2. Last condition inspection 1-16-2021
    3. EarthX ETX series main battery
    4. EarthX ETX series standby battery
    5. Strobe/Nav lights
    6. Electric elevator trim
    7. Low fuel alarm
    8. Fold away control lock
    9. Parking brake
    10. Dual controls
    11. Rudder pedal adjust
    12. Tiedown kit
    13. Factory transport kit
    14. Factory upholstery
    15..Halon fire extinguisher
    16. Composite turtle deck


    1. ADVANCED 5600 EFIS with Maps, AOA, Fuel flow, Backup battery
    2. Garmin SL 40 Com
    3. Garmin AERA 500 GPS with backup battery
    4. Garmin GDL-39 ADS-B in
    5. Sporty's SP 200 hand held Nav Com
    6. Sporty's E-6B computer
    7. Dynon 2S intercom
    8. Dynon SV-XPNDR262 ADS-B out mode S transponder
    9. Dynon 2020 GPS
    10. ACK E-04 ELT with GPS position input
    11. Two PILOT PA-1181 headsets with noise cancelling microphones
    12. EFIS #2 GPS, GPS18X-5 htz
    13. ELT GPS, GPS18XLVC 5M
    14. Supplementary 5 volt power supply for additional GPS units
    15. Samsung 8 inch tablet with blue tooth connect to GDL 39 for traffic/ weather


    1, Custom transport trailer
    2. Tenma 72-7660 avionics ground power unit
    3. Aerovolts balance charger for Li batteries
    4. Some spare parts
    5. Some Rotax tools
    6. All documentation since start of build
    7. All log books
    8. All extracted engine logs on memory stick
    9. Original bill of sale on hand

    Aircraft may be seen on the video "trailering an Kitfox SS7" which appeared on the forum for a time.
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    Default Re: Kitfox SS7 for sale

    Richard, sorry to hear you are selling your Kitfox. Beautiful example and surely it will not last long.

    I found the video you did of loading and unloading your Kitfox on a trailer. Hope it helps.

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    912 ULS Tri-gear

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    Default Re: Kitfox SS7 for sale

    I'm bummed... This is going to be gone before could get there to pick it up next week. Well, I guess I'm also bummed that I don't have enough cash on hand so arranging financing would slow me down more...

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