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Thread: Ignition Module Wires, Repair Advice

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    Default Re: Ignition Module Wires, Repair Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by avidflyer View Post
    I bought one of those modules from Allistare Wilson. I tried it on the 912 UL, and it worked fine. Ended up not needing it and so it's in a drawer waiting till I install the ULS and I will use it on that engine cause it has a soft start module built into it. I would not hesitated to get another one if needed. I also moved my modules to the firewall side of the motor mount to avoid broken wires in the future. If I was you, I would maybe fix both modules you have, install one of the aftermarket ones, and have a spare Rotax one if you ever need it. JImChuk

    As Jim mention, probably a good idea to have a spare. I had a persistent issue with my modules several years ago. Substandard wire in them (in my opinion). Several areas of the wires broken inside of the insulation. I had to cut/spice/repair several sections of my modules and wires from the stator.

    Granted I come from experience in building military grade electronical test equipment for fighter aircraft, so was used to using very high quality wires. The wire that Rotax (ducati) uses is pure junk!

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    Default Re: Ignition Module Wires, Repair Advice

    Thanks everyone, appreciate the input! I ended up buying two new modules from Allistair. I will also redo the wiring on my old Ducati modules to keep as a backup set. I'm lucky enough to live down the road from Rotech, so I went and talked to them about repairing the modules. Once I get it all complete, which will likely take a while, I'll try and post a couple pics in the event it can help someone else out. Thanks!

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