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Thread: MAINEiac STi Build

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    Default Re: MAINEiac STi Build

    Your build is looking good Mark!
    Harlan and Susan Payne
    Flying Piper Archer
    Building STI Kitfox N61HP
    Engine and prop are undecided

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    Making continued progress. The control column is in. Took it in and out 4 times. It much better, but still not perfect in my opinion. I used Harlan’s idea of shimming the bearings halves. The bellcrank bearings pressed in with no issue. I did have a slight issue with the aileron bellcrank spacing. The bottom tab was welded slightly high, and at a angle, so no matter what I did it was not turning freely. I ended up using a washer on the top of the bearing, but nothing below as that was where the pressure was coming from. So when you get to that part, the washers are only to be used in top and bottom as shims, if necessary. I just finished the flap/aileron mixer last night. Will go in today, after I install the pin straps.
    I want to thank Harlan, Darrel, Win, David, Joe, Aaron, and John for answering my emails/texts when I have a question. I really appreciate that.
    Kitfox 7STi

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    Default Re: MAINEiac STi Build

    Nice work, and good steady progress. Keep it up!
    Eric Page
    Building Kitfox 5 Safari
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