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Thread: 912is CHT not reading on G3X

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    Default 912is CHT not reading on G3X

    Just started wetting my engine and checking pressures, levels etc.

    I have a 912is connected to a G3X via Fadec connection. Everything is showing and reading fine except CHT temp.

    I've pulled the sensor and then checked fadec. The garmin shows coolant sensor fault as expected. Plug it back in and fault its gone. I think it's safe to assume the g3x is receiving info from the sensor? Additionally i checked the resistance on the sensor and it read fine given the temp in the shed.

    So I am thinking configuration. However, when I goto settings for cht there is no option to select Fadec like all other sensors. See images.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: 912is CHT not reading on G3X

    I donít think there is CHT on the 912is. Only coolant temp. So if you selected fadec for coolant temp you are all set. The 912is has a probe on the head but itís actually measuring water temp in the head as I understand it.

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    Default Re: 912is CHT not reading on G3X

    You are correct Joe. My 912iS just shows coolant temp. (On my Dynon screen)
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