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Thread: Kitfox RC Model... Freedom Fox

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    Default Kitfox RC Model... Freedom Fox

    In the past some have asked if there is a RC Model of the Kitfox. I found this at Flight Test:

    Long Link... sorry. Here is a screen shot.

    Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 9.05.57 AM.jpg


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    Default Re: Kitfox RC Model... Freedom Fox

    Wonder if the guy who built Trent's plane had any dream that the paint scheme would become so iconic?

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    Default Re: Kitfox RC Model... Freedom Fox

    Good question. I hope Trent is getting royalties on each sale!
    Eric Page
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    Default Re: Kitfox RC Model... Freedom Fox

    In the Overview description of the plane they have a couple of paragraphs describing this as a collaboration between FlightTest and "our dear friend Trent Palmer" It mentions his YouTube channel and says purchases "helps to support Trent..." and quotes Trent's, "Stop making excuses. Start making memories." How cool that Trent and his Kitfox have found another venue to spread the job of flying.
    Carl Strange
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