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Thread: Single Lever Prop Control

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    Question Single Lever Prop Control

    Is anyone out there able to provide any updates or insights to the Single Lever Prop Control?

    My understanding is that the system requires an MT prop, MT governor, and is controlled by the Stock Flight Systems EMU...a la Trent Palmer style.

    Are any other prop manufacturers involved in this? John McBean's new video about the factory assembled instrument panels mentions that the SFS EMU is going to be a remote unit now? Does that mean Garmin has come onboard with integrating with the Single Lever system?

    Is this available for both the 915iS AND the 912iS?

    What I'm hoping for is a Single Lever system with the 912iS (constant speed obviously), one or two G3X Touch screens, but without needing the EMU on the panel...or possibly not needing the EMU at all.
    Jeff Atkinson
    RV-8 - Flying since 2012
    Kitfox S7 Super Sport - Building since April 2021

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    Default Re: Single Lever Prop Control

    I would also like to know any additional information about this -- hopefully someone in the know can chime in either for a 912is or a 915.

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    Default Re: Single Lever Prop Control

    Kitfox told me I would need a 2" adapter to use MT on my 912iS

    I have the Stock EMU and love it

    I just installed an Airmaster as it was over 1/2 the price of the MT.

    Love the Airmaster

    7SS,912iS Big Bore, Garmin Panel

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