Receive some nice photos from our member Shahar niv ( username: nivland22).

When I asked for a little write up on history of this Kitfox he wrote back with-
Not much to tell I just purchase it from the builder it’s a model 5 912 uls 2012 great plane!!
His signature has this info:
Champaign il
Kitfox séries 5 2012
912uls 280 h

Fair enough Shahar. Some things need few words. Thanks for the beautiful KOTM submission.
806F378C-F3E3-47B9-86D1-93AE7C5D7C49.jpeg F242C460-6C93-4F19-9FA7-95591836F16E.jpeg 5FCB5A43-7937-4FA6-8BE4-D4DD5B2737C0.jpeg 9A093AE4-E6B4-4E13-A4BB-047AD0699FD8.jpeg 80A14460-0217-435E-BA1A-686686800BC4.jpeg