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Thread: Internal Corrosion

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    Default Internal Corrosion

    I've got a zero time 912ULS that been in the crate for over a decade and its never been removed from its sealed plastic bag. Is there a way to check for internal corrosion without pulling off a jug? Possibly via a borescope? What are the key parts I should replace before I try to start it for the first time?
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    Default Re: Internal Corrosion

    If it's a 0-time factory new situation, there's nothing to worry about.

    If it's a used engine and has not been sitting out in the weather, still nothing to worry about.

    912 engines are not like "traditional" aircraft engines. The clearances are very tight and not prone to internal corrosion.
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    Default Re: Internal Corrosion

    I wouldnt be so quick to dismiss his concern.

    There are rubber parts, including seals and o-rings, on and in the engine. Id want those checked and most likely changed before I fired it up. Id also comply with any service bulletins and make darn sure you pre oil the engine before firing it up.

    Id call Lockwood or CPS and double check with them. Its what they do 24/7.

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    Default Re: Internal Corrosion

    I have an engine that sat under similar circumstances, I now have >500 hrs on it but did have a compression issue caused by some pitting on the valves. I believe this corrosion occurred while in storage for 7-8 yrs.
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